Our 2019 ciders will be announced nearer to the festival.

2018 Ciders!

You can download our 2018 tasting notes here.

Cider From ABV
Monkey Madness Weymouth Cider Co. 4.5% (M/D)
Rasberry Weymouth Cider Co. 4% (M)
Mango Weymouth Cider Co. 4% (S)
Pear & Chilli Weymouth Cider Co. 4% (M)
Explorer Orchard Pig 4.5% (M)
Bee Sting Lilleys Cider Barn 7.5% (S)
Dog Dancer Gwynt 6.5% (M/D)
Elderflower Lilleys Cider Bard 4% (S)
Celtic Warrior Gwynt 5.5% (S)
Legbender Rich’s Cider Farm 6% (D)
Hunny Bubble Dorset Nectar 4% (M)
Pear Cider Cornish Orchards 5% (M)

Please note, all ciders are subject to availability and the list may change without notice. Also, once you’ve drunk it all, it’s all gone!

D = Dry, M = Medium, S = Sweet


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