LBF News: Charity music session and…the 2012 Beer and Cider lists (including the Langford Licker)!

This is what the media would call ‘a good news day’. Not only are we only a few days away from THE Beer Festival, but we can now reveal the line up for the charity music session on Saturday afternoon, AND the eagerly awaiting list of beers and ciders that will of course be the main focus of the Beer Festival.

Let me hear the music…

Firstly – the music. New for 2012 is the inclusion of music on the Saturday afternoon. We have nine quality acts each taking 20 minutes on stage whilst you work your way through the fine selection of beers.

The programme will run to this agenda:

Wylye legend Tom Watson has given up his glamourous New Zealand lifestyle specially for the Beer Festival (not necessarily true)…

4.30        Darryl Ford

4.50        Ben Chapman

5.10        Matt Britton

5.30        Tom Watson (pictured)

5.50        David Waddington

6.10        Claire Read

6.30        Alexa

6.50        Badrat

7.15        Stone Donkeys

These are all local acts and they are performing for free to support the cause that the Beer Festival is working towards. Please do come along and support them as they help you get in the mood for our headline act on the Saturday evening – Reload.

Don’t forget that on Friday evening we have Dan Sowerby taking to the stage, fresh from his performance at the Firsdown Music Festival last weekend.

…now I need a drink!

A 2004 glass for a bit of nostalgia – these used to be half pint glasses, we now use pint tankards.

Well, you’ve come to the right place, and we’re delighted to announce the 2012 beer and cider list, please do take a look by following the link below:

The Langford Beer Festival 2012 Beer List

Plenty of new ones, and some old favourites – hopefully some that you’ve not tasted before. As ever there are some great names in there, let us know your favourite names!

This year we have a record breaking (for us) 10 ciders too. Some of their names are just as imaginative as the beers…’Pigs Swill’ sounds errr, tempting. Take a look at the cider list here.

Langford Beer Fest veterans out there will recognise the beer ‘Langford Licker’.  This is a mystery beer and is the same as one of the 31 other ales on offer. Included with your glass and tasting notes is a questionnaire – fill this out, put down your guess as to what the beer is and if you’re correct you could win a case of beer!

That’s it for now – tickets are going fast so be sure to book your’s asap.

See you at the Beer Festival!